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    04 06
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    Turn your super yacht into a research vessel that cater to high-end travelers who want to make a difference.

    If you are looking for a unique ay to contribute to a charitable cause and are the owner of a super yacht, consider chartering your ship to Marine Conservation Expeditions (MCE), an organization that turns super yachts into research vessels that cater to high-end travelers who want to make a difference. Paying passengers on these expeditions can join notable explorers, filmmakers, and photographers as they make documentaries on marine conservation issues.

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    One of MCE’s recent expeditions involved a trip to Belize to film a documentary supporting the country’s Marine Protected Areas, particularly Turneffe Atoll, 30 miles offshore. As the most biologically diverse atoll in the western hemisphere, Turneffe supports many threatened and endangered species. The expedition featured filmmakers from National Geographic and the BBC, who taught passengers who to use still and motion picture cameras above and below water to help film the documentary and as a means for interviewing local fishermen, resort owners and marine biologists studying the health of the reef. In addition, those who were part of the expedition could choose activities such as scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, swimming with dolphins and more.

    The Belize trip was the first for Scott MacDougall, who has since become one of MCE’s permanent executive producers, indicating that the expedition was a life-enriching experience that allowed him to experience first-hand how people in this area live and how making a documentary can affect their lives. MacDougall believes that high-end travelers have the ability to make positive change by aligning their travel experience with conservation initiatives. Expeditions to places like Belize’s Marine Protected Areas gives them immediate feedback on what their efforts will entail as opposed to writing a check and possibly getting feedback months later.

    Instead of taking your super yacht to an overrun tourist destination, contact the MCE team to propose an exciting itinerary and embark on an expedition that you and your guests will never forget.

    If you would like to donate your yacht to charter to MCE, please either give 4Yacht a call at 954-767-0220 or EMAIL US. There is no cost to you for our services for your donation.