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    06 06
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    Bold Colors on Yacht Hulls, vibrant colors have begun to appear

    Yacht owners are generally conservative when it comes to the exterior finish of their ships. Most often, white is the color of choice, with sometimes navy blue appearing on the yachts owned by the more adventurous. Within the past decade, however, more vibrant colors have begun to appear on hulls, and sometimes on superstructures of some yachts.

    Some potential owners may hesitate, however, about ordering yachts with one or more non-traditional colors, worried that adding color to the hull will diminish the ship’s value. Think about taking a chance instead. The bold and bright blue and orange combination on Heesen Yachts’ Aurelia, launched in 2011, actually makes this yacht more interesting. Other super yachts delivered in the last five years with interesting hull color schemes include Sunrays, Smeralda and Quinta Essentia, ranging in length from 55 to 85 meters. Philip Zepter Yachts even built the 50-metre JoyMe with color on its superstructure.

    The crucial factor in selecting non-traditional colors for hulls is to choose a color that will stand out, yet is not too bold, and has a quality finish. Colored hulls with proper finishes can actually improve aesthetics and emphasize the superstructure—points that are even more important as super yachts continue to increase in size. Because color characterizes the yacht, owners should be careful when selecting hues to ensure that the accent produces a balance between innovation and timeless quality.

    Another factor to keep in mind is cost. The darker the color, the most heat the hull will absorb, increasing energy consumption to keep the yacht cool. As owners continue to increasingly customize their ships, expect the market, as well as the color choices, for vibrant hulls to continue to grow in the next 10 years.