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    27 08
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    Brokerage Boat Sales Decline in July

    boston-whaler-boats-for-saleBrokerage boat sales decline by 8 percent in July with total value of boats sold down by 1 percent. Figures came in at 3,287 boats sold for $297 million, down from 2013 July sales, which saw, 3,569 boats sold totaling $300 million. Powerboat and sailboat sales fell by similar percentages, with powerboats declining 8 percent to 2,753 and sailboats dropping 9 percent to 534. Aggregate price paid for powerboats was virtually the same at $257, but total value of sailboats dropped 5 percent to $40 million.

    The largest decline occurred in boats 26 to 35 feet, falling 15 percent to 1,234 units. Boats under 26 feet also sold more slowly, dropping 8 percent to 1,124 boats exchanging hands.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum sales of boats 46 to 55 feet rose 19 percent to 182 units. Boats 36 to 45 feet remained level in numbers but showed a significant 10 percent rise in total value to $85 million.

    Average sale prices generally improved in the United States. In July 2014, average price for powerboats over the same period a year ago increase 8 percent, with a 4 percent hike for sailboats. For sales of all boat categories under 45 feet, average price increase with an 8 percent increase to $129,000 for boats 36 to 45 feet, while price for boats 26 to 35 feet also increased 8 percent to $57,000.

    Sales and price trends were mixed among larger boats, with those 46 to 55 feet increasing 19 percent in number, but with a lower total price up only 6 percent, resulting in a lower average sale price of $255,000. Sales held steady for boats 56 to 79 feet at 70 units sold with total value increasing 6 percent to $41 million, bring average price up to $592,000, a 7 percent increase.