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    16 09
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    Mega Yachts And Fun: See and Be Seen at Jimmy’z MC's Hottest Nightlife

    jimmyzThe place to go if you want to see people and be seen in Monte Carlo is the famous Jimmy’z. As one of the world’s premiere nightclubs, Jimmy’z is an institution, offering drinking and dancing from 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m., along with a lineup of international disc jockeys, sports stars, Hollywood celebrities supermodels and international billionaires.

    Jimmy’z attracts a younger, fast-living crowd wearing lots of designer labels. This famous nightclub is located in the luxurious Le Sporting Club complex. Visitors can arrive via one of two doors, including a new valet entrance at street level or a second one under a large marquee that leads right to the club’s foyer.

    Inside the club, a circular design a VIP area is right in the middle with the DJ’s booth at the forefront. Crowds hover around the perimeter while lines form at the main bar to procure drinks from Jimmy’z longtime bartenders. Drinks start at €26 and if you want to sit at one of the tables, expect to pay upwards of  €300 for a bottle of champagne or your favorite spirits.

    Part of the club is located outdoors and features a meandering terrace that overlooks the Monaco skyline and views of the Mediterranean. Jimmy’z doesn’t charge a cover, but make sure you look well heeled or the bouncers may not admit you. Visit Jimmy'z Website or Facebook Page