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    Princess Yachts in Midst of Expanding South Yard Facility

    princess-yachts-40mThe portfolio of the Princess Yachts, the shipbuilder based in Plymouth, England, continues to grow with the manufacturer currently working on three projects measuring 40 meters in length. At the same time, Princess continues to modify its South Yard facility, one of five sites spread across Plymouth. Approximately 20 percent of the company’s production of 300 annual boats and its workforce of 2,200 are located at South Yard.

    Princess intends to demolish its entire South Yard facility and build new sheds that run all the way to the water’s edge. The 40m shed that is currently at South Yard is also temporary. Since Princess launched its 40m series in 2012, the company has delivered three, with a fourth having completed for sea trials and expected for imminent delivery. Three more are in building, along with three that are 35 meters in addition to a 30m mold that will soon be moved from the yard’s Newport Street facility to South Yard. Princess is also working on the last of its 32m series boats, which have ben replaced by 30m, 35m and 40m series.

    The grounds of the Princess facility were formerly owned by the U.K. Ministry of Defence and contain the building that housed Plymouth’s only ropery, a business that stopped production in the 19th century. That building is the home for scale mock ups, made of plywood and foam, of new designs that take up to a month to construct for each deck. This process ensures the Princess team that all components will fit correctly and identifies areas where designs need adjustment to make production and fit out more efficient. Approximately 60% to 70% of plywood and timber used to create the models are recycled.

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