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    14 01
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    Üldas Design Creating Unique 130 Meter Superyacht Catamaran Platform

    Uldas-superyacht-catamaran-130mTurkish company Üldas Design recently revealed renderings of a catamaran project that the firm is developing for a well-known client. The 130m platform has a 50m beam that features the look and feel of a futuristic luxury hotel or resort.

    On-board amenities also reflect this style and include multiple helidecks, quality restaurants, both on deck and inside, cafes, several large swimming pools, dedicated concert and dancing areas and seaside cabins.

    Selahattin Üldas, the company’s founder indicated that he designed the platform in a manner that will connect from front to back and top to bottom to reflect a resort that looks like a mega structure from the inside and outside.

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