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    24 01
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    Piriou Releases M/V 76.6 Meter Superyacht Yersin In Anticipation of Launch

    superyacht-yersinThe Piriou shipyard in Concarneau has released the M/V Yersin from its construction shed prior to her launch schedule for January 26. The ship has an unusual deep bronze hull and an off-white superstructure. M/V Yersin is the commercial shipyard’s first superyacht project.

    Francois Fiat, the yacht’s French owner, selected Piriou because of the shipyard’s strong track record of constructing ocean-going tuna purse seiners and other SOLAS-certified working vessels. Piriou CEO Pascal Piriou noted that Yersin is more complex than what the yard typically builds because she is a multi-purpose vessel.

    The highly 76.6m superyacht has highly innovative systems that allow it to operate safely in a temperatures ranging from –20°C to +50°C,  believed to be a first for a private yacht.

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