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    06 02
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    CRN Yachts Presents Industrial Relaunch Plan

    crn superyacht jadeCRN, the brand of the Ferretti Group specializing in production of 50m to 90m steel and aluminum yachts, has presented its plan to relaunch the shipyard to take place from 2015 through 2019, along with the company’s strategy for reorganization, relating to the workloads and initiatives in support of the overall plan.
    The brand intends to expand product ranges built in the Ancona shipyard, constructing not only CRN yachts, but also steel and/or aluminum vessels from the Riva and Pershing brands. In addition, CRN has announced the refit of a 46m CRN yacht, indicating a possible new area of business. The relaunch strategy includes the creation of even more opportunities at the shipyard, despite its already complex marketing scenario.

    In addition to the refit of the 46m vessel, CRN has two yachts under construction, the 74m M/Y131 and the 55m M/Y134. A contract for a 77m superyacht, currently in planning, was signed at the end of 2014.  Although it is one of the largest shipments in the international mega yacht segment, CRN’s overall global nautical share has declined strongly during the past three years.

    RN’s regonization is aimed at creating strong production specialization that optimizes and consolidations knowledge existing within the company through new training and investments in currently productive areas that are considered strategic. The plan also calls for the opening of an Extraordinary Redundancy Fund over a two-year period to safeguard occupational levels and workers in anticipation of low workloads expecting during this time period while also preserving the present

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