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    09 02
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    Fourth Quarter Finishes a Strong Year for European Yacht Sales

    ferretti-yachts-for-saleA strong fourth quarter capped a promising year in Europe with sales improving 21% in the fourth quarter and up 10% for the entire year. In total, 7,446 boats exchanged hands with aggregate price at €1.6 billion, an 18% increase over 2013.

    Double-digit increases occurred in most size segments for number of boats sold, with the 46- to 55-foot segment increasing 24% at 749 boats sold. The number of superyachts sold increased from 149 in 2013 to 165 in 2014 with a 25% increase to €4.8 million. Boats under 26 feet rose 14% in average price to €21,200.

    Powerboat sales, at 57% of the market, represent most of the overall gains in Europe, showing a 15% increase with 4,529 boats sold at an average 5% price increase. Sailboat sales rose 4% at 3, 187 boats sold with prices average 3% higher.

    Half of transactions in 2014 occurred in the U.K. with 3,755 boats exchanging hands. Aggregate value increase €26 million to a total of €234 million. Spain was the number 2 country with 796 boats sold, representing an 11 percent market share and a total value of €226 million.

    France once again led the European market in total sales value at €412 million on sales of 691 boats. Average number of days on the market decline in France during the year to 398 days. Sales rose more in Italy than in any other country outside of the United Kingdom with 515 boats sold, up from 364, and aggregate price increasing to €351 million, 22% of total European market value.

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