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    11 02
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    4Yacht Featured on CNN and Drudge Report !

    Project “Triple Deuce” continues to make news.

    Last fall, 4Yacht.com featured the 222m Triple Deuce on our pages, noting that the project would eclipse the size of the world’s current largest private superyacht, the 180m Azzam as well as the cruise ship Costa Classic. Now CNN and the Drudge Report has explored the future of the superyacht industry with an article on Triple Deuce, featuring 4Yacht’s Craig Timm prominently in the text.

    main-4yacht-project222-size-comparisonCNN noted in its story that the $1 billion-plus price tag is more than the GDP of the Western Sahara, the British Virgin Islands and Micronesia. While noting that the estimated construction cost of $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion doesn’t take into consideration annual operating costs that could range from $20 million to $30 million per year, Craig also noted that constructing and owning a superyacht that is 40 meters longer than anything that is now on the seas is a matter of bragging rights.

    "Our client was concerned that if we built the yacht to 200 meters, then someone would come along like Roman Abramovich when he built "Eclipse" at 163.5 meters, and outdid Sheikh Maktoum's yacht, the 162 meter "Dubai," by only 1.5 meters," explained Timm. "By building the yacht to 222 meters, the owner wants to make it difficult, if not impossible, to be 'eclipsed' himself."

    As 4Yacht also noted in January, the size of superyachts keeps increasing as evidence by the “sinking” of the famous 138m superyacht Rising Sun, currently owned by media mogul David Geffen, out of the top ten.

    Timm pointed out is that the completion of Triple Deuce, slated for 2018, has a positive impact on the maritime industry by providing many different direct and indirect jobs.

    "Building the yacht at the shipyard will directly employ, at the minimum, 500 people for a period of three years. These people, who have families to support and feed, will be gainfully employed. Tthis does not include the 50 to 70 people who will work on the yacht and will be employed full time by the yacht owner, as well as others who supply the yacht."

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