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    19 02
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    $5.59 Billion Sold! European Yachts Sales Increase By Double Digits

    christensen-mega-yacht-for-saleWorldwide yacht brokerage sales in 2014 rebounded in Europe with number of units and total values rising by double-digit percentages. The American market, however, offset those gains, with volume decreasing by 5 percent and value declining 8 percent.

    In 2014, global sales totaled 37,509 boats worth $5.592 billion, but those figures do not indicate the nuances of the luxury boat market.

    The high-volume sector of boats under 35 feet experienced fewer units sold in the United States, but numbers were higher among larger boats. Sales of boats over 80 feet were skewed on both continents. Significant variations amount the number of units sold and total values varied among regions in both Europe and the United States.

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