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    28 04
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    Yachts Sales 2014: American Brokerage Sales Show Hope for the Future

    aicon-yachts-for-saleFinal brokerage sales figures for 2014 show that 30,063 boats changed hands during for an aggregate price of $3.62 billion, down $320 million from a year earlier. Although the total volume was off 5 percent and value decreased by 8 percent, aggregate figures are not a true indicator of the yachting market. December was the only month where sales volume was higher than the same month in 2013.

    The number of boats sold in the United States was level or higher among boats 35 feet and larger, but lower in he high-volume sector under 35 feet. Lower superyacht sale prices, sliding by 31 percent from $1.23 billion to $850 million, accounted for the drop in overall market value.  Total value for vessels smaller than 80 feet increased by $60 million.

    Overall sales volume occurred because of a 7 percent drop in boats shorter than 35 feet as only 20,733 units sold, down from 22,339 in 2013. Average sales price increased for boats under 26 feet, rising from $21,700 to $23,000. Average price among boats 26 to 35 feet rose from $54,600 to $57,900, while the 56- to 79-foot segment saw average prices rise 2 percent to $744,000.

    Volumes increased while prices decline in the 46- to 55-foot segment with numbers increasing 6 percent to 1,775 boats sold on average prices that declined 3 percent from $285,000 to $277,000.

    Powerboat and sailboat sales declined by similar percentages with 24,560 powerboats, representing 82 percent of the 2014 market share, and 5,503 sailboats sold.

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