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    Superyacht Aground: Russian Billionaire’s Superyacht Remains Beached.

    AzimutThe 30m superyacht owned by Russian billionaire Sergey Polonsky remains beached on the island of Koh Tang in Cambodia where Polonsky lives Polonsky, who also owns the island, reportedly beached the yacht during a storm. Other reports indicate the yacht, built by Azimut, broke free of its moorings on April 12

    Because of the lack technical expertise as well as a lack of correct machinery, quite some time could pass before the yacht it afloat. The latest report on Polonsky’s Facebook page indicates that the owner may build a marina around the beached yacht. Polonsky has inundated social networking with updates of his situation.

    Although Polonsky appears to be enjoying his surroundings, the circumstances behind his departure from Russia are circumspect. Before the financial crisis. Poinsky enjoyed a place on the Robes list of billionaires.

    Despite the lack of clarity surrounding the retrieval of the yacht from the beach,

    her owner appears to be in no rush to speed up proceedings. In fact, over the past several days Polonsky has been updating his social networks with statuses that seem enamoured with his surroundings, stating on 18th April, “Starry sky above us. The feeling that we are stuck in another galaxy. The whole team has one question, where do they sell tickets to the movie. Now waiting for high tide. Beautiful.”

    Though Polonsky appears to be enjoying a carefree life in the paradisaical setting in South East Asia where he lives on a privately owned island, the circumstances behind his move from Russia are a little more serious.

    Prior to the financial crisis, Polonsky made the Forbes list of billionaires, with an estimated net worth of $1.2 billion. After being accused of embezzlement from investors in two residential developments in Moscow, he was issued a ‘red notice’ by Interpol towards the end of 2013. He fled the country to his current residence in Cambodia, which has no extradition treaty with Russia.

    SIHANOUKVILLE (Khmer Times) – For the last 10 days,  Sergey Polonsky’s 100-ton, Italian-made yacht has been grounded on a beach of Koh Tang, an island he owns 52-kilometers by sea from here.

Although there is a small Cambodian military garrison on the remote island, the best recovery technique seems to be to wait for an exceptionally high tide. On April 12, the 30-meter Azimut-98 Leonardo yacht broke free of its mooring and ran aground.

    “During a storm, the anchor didn’t hold the yacht, and it went ashore,” Mr. Polonsky’s lawyer Kaspars Cekotins said Thursday in an interview. “Rescuers are waiting for the high tide. Everything is ready for the rescue.”

    Meanwhile, the marooned tycoon is no rush to return to civilization.

    Diaries From The Island Last week, he started posting pictures of his boat on the beach.

    “Beautifully parked,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “It’s the fourth day of rescue operation. Tomorrow there is another storm. Possibly, we’ll make it.”
On his Instagram account, Cambodia’s Robinson Crusoe waxed lyrical, posting:  “Starry sky is above us. A feeling, that we are stuck in another galaxy. The whole team has one question: “Where do they sell tickets for this movie?” Waiting for the high tide. Beautiful.”

    April, 18: “High tide began. But for some reason I would like to stay here for a half of year. And maybe I will overstay in this Avatar. While gales and storms roar.”
His most recent note, posted Tuesday: ‘It’s the 10th day we are digging out. You won’t buy such adventure for any money. Yeah. Have a nice day. Beautiful.’
Koh Tang island is one of eight islands owned by Mr. Polonsky, a businessman once listed in Russian Forbes Top-10. Last year he started developing Koh Damlong, an island in his far away archipelago. Since December he conducted tours and business training sessions, renting bungalows to visitors to the island. In the waters of the archipelago, he is creating an underwater sculpture park.

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