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    12 05
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    Yachting in Cuba Holds Bright Future

    yacht charter exuma2At the recent Superyacht Summit in South Florida, panelists in a session entitled “Cuba: The Last Frontier,” suggested the number of yachts visit Cuba will begin to rise, aiding not only the local economy, but the yachting industry as a whole. The charter industry appears to have the most to gain in Cuba as charters have been limited since the 1960s, due to legal restriction on Americans visiting the island.

    Once those restrictions are dropped, Cuba will have an enormous potential as a popular destination for American yachting enthusiast. At the moment, the island is currently able to accommodate yachts only up to approximately 150 feet, however, Cuba has plenty of offshore areas where yachts can anchor.

    Although a law eliminating all tourism restrictions for American visitors to Cuba has been proposed, it has not yet been passed. Americans can travel legally to the island with some limitations. Visitors to Cuba who travel via yacht can only arrive on vessels with few than 10% American components. It also has to be registered outside of the United States. Visitors must also provide a valid reason for the visit, such as environmental or professional research or attendance at a specific event. Some industry experts believe the restrictions could be dropped sometime next year.

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