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    10 07
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    Yacht Breakthrough? Effort Underway to Standardized coating to Improve Hull Performance

    aicon-yachts-for-saleDNV GL and Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun have signed a cooperative agreement to improve hull performance, and in turn protect the environment by minimizing fuel expenditure. Through anti-fouling and propeller degradation developments, the two companies are trying to standardize coatings and provide a basis on which comparisons may be drawn so that individuals and builders can select the most fuel-efficient coatings and solutions for their vessels.

    Jotun’s Hull Performance Solution (HPS) and DNV GL’s ECO Insight solution are part of a process that collects and analyzes data on hull degradation. Advanced coatings are already in wide acceptance as a preventive measure, however no consensus exists as to which is most effective or how often propellers should be cleaned.

    Although Jotun is widely regarded as an industry leader, this cooperative effort is more than about proving the merits of a single product, but about proving the merits of many products.

    Similarly, Niels Leikvang, ECO Insight partner manager, noted that although companies are often will to give customers lot of data, that information doesn’t necessarily tell the entire story.

    DNV GL will provide Jotun with hull and propeller performance data based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models that include the complete operation range of the vessels.  DNV GL is also participating in discussions with other companies to develop an internationally recognized standard.

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