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    13 07
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    Megayacht Support Vessel, Sea Axe 6911, Sold

    megayacht-amels-6911-sale-01A 69m support vessel with a heli hangar constructed in a cooperative agreement between Damen Shipyard and Amels Holland has been sold. With the two companies beginning work on the Sea Axe 6911 in 2009, the vessel is the first in its range to feature a fully enclosed hangar beneath a LY3/MCA fully certified helideck. It also includes a below-deck helicopter workshop and a well-equipped dive center.

    The Sea Axe 6911 also has 250 square meters of deck space for toy and tenders and 110 square meters of below deck storage. She will accommodate 22 crew and staff and can reach a cruising speed of 20 knots.

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