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    14 07
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    Luxury Yacht Sales: 3029 Yachts Sold!

    boston-whaler-boats-for-saleAmerican brokerages reported that the number of powerboats were virtually the same as the same month a year ago at 3029 units, while sailboat sales decreased by 62 units 60 557.. Weaker sales in larger segments were responsible for much of the decline in market value.

    For superyachts 80 feet and up, sales decreased from 24 to 16boats over the previous May, with total value declining from $103 million to $78 million. In the net largest category, boats 56- to 79-feet, sales decreased by 14 percent to 83 boats. Total price paid decreased 15 percent to $11 million.

    The strongest market segment was boats from 26 to 35 feet long, which typically has the highest volume of the brokerage market. Sales jumped 1 percent in this category with 1,419 units sold on a total decrease in price of 1 percent to $85 million. Powerboat sales in this range increase by 4 percent with 1142 bots, while sailboat sales declined 12 percent to 277 units.

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