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    23 07
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    Superyacht Marina Facilities In Australia Expanding

    superyacht-Abell-Point-MarinaTwo of Australia’s most high profile marina have begun to upgrade their berthing facilities to better accommodate superyachts.

    A multimillion-dollar investment is in its initial stages at The Spit in Sydney’s Middle Harbor whereby the marina will receive refurbishing along with an expansion of 32 berths measuring 25.8m (85 ft.) and two births of 30.5m (100 ft.) Under Phase I, due for completion by the end of July, the marina’s Bellingham jetties will be replaced and a concierge lounge construction on the jetty to better meet the needs of superyacht guests and crew. A newly reclaimed area will provide hard berthing for up to six 18m (60 ft.) boats. Completion is due in 2017.

    At Abell Point Marina, the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, which include the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the expansion is prompted by ever increasing demands of superyacht owners who want to experience the area. Plans call for allowing superyachts above the existing 35m (15 ft.) limit to anchor in the facility, with 15 40m (131 ft.) berths, one 50m (164 ft.) and one 70m (230 ft.) berth planned. Possible developments also include a 90m (295 ft.) berth and at least one 60m (197 ft.) berth.

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