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    31 08
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    Superyacht Charters In Croatia Experiencing Boom

    yacht holiday frenchriv 04Croatia Experiencing Boom in Superyacht Charters: With more than 1,500 gulf and ports on its island and on the mainland, as well as spectacular scenery, the country of Croatia on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea has seen a recent influx of charter activity that signal continued growth for this area.

    While Croatia has long been a top destination during the summer season, the key to the uptick in the country’s charter fortune has been acceptance of the 13% VAT tax rate for charters beginning in Croatia. These include not only yachts bearing Croatian flags, but those with flags from European Union countries.  Yachts from non-EU countries with a registered length over 40 meters can only perform charters by obtaining a license.

    Another plus in Croatia’s favor is that the country’s yachting infrastructure continues to grow. New marinas are under construction, most notably D Marin Marina and Šibenik.

    With a mixture of natural beauty, culture and thousands of islands with ports that are not a crowded as those in other countries, visitors can still find a small bay and enjoy solitude.

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