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    01 09
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    Megayacht Expansion at Baglietto Completed

    megayacht-baglietto-repair 01Megayacht Expansion at Baglietto Completed: Italian shipbuilder Baglietto recently completed a €40 million acquisition and resurrection of the neglected Cantieri Ferrari yard. Rafaella Daino, Baglietto’s head of communications noted that the summer season is always busy for the Italian shipyard and that recently completed renovations have doubled the shipyard’s capacity, allowing it to house superyachts up to 65 meters in length..

    Dain noted that Balietto currently has six yachts under construction, including  48m and 54m displacement hulls, a 46 m planning hull, and an additional 43m planning hull, all of which have been designed by Francesco Paszkowski.

    In addition to shipyard expansion, Baglietto is developing business in the American markets, as the company has just sold a 48m in Central America. The shipyard also has plans to open a new American office and considers the market in the Western hemisphere an important one. Bglietto is also looking to continue the yard’s influence with possible acquisition of what it terms “naval property” that will Allow the company to increase the capacity of its refit and repair sectors.

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