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    180M Superyacht By Symmetry Design Lives Up to Its Name

    Superyacht-Symmetry-concept-side-view180M Superyacht By Symmetry Design Lives Up to Its Name:

    A symmetrical yacht? One could be sailing the oceans within several years as Dutch studio Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design recently revealed its latest creation, the 180m superyacht Symmetry that features a bi-directional concept and design that flows from the center outwards. The balanced and symmetrical appearance allows for a unique maneuverability and safer tender operations with its beach club located amidships. And yes, it can cruise in either direction thanks to the engineering package developed by BMT Nigel Gee.

    In keeping with the design concept, the actual center of the superyacht, is the area from which all design emanates, contrary to typical yacht design. Despite the emphasis on symmetry, the superyacht is not a literal interpretation of evenness.  Sander Sinot, design studio head, noted that the aim was to create a synergistic balance of functionality beauty, engineering and design.. The yacht is viewed like a private estate that moves over the world’s oceans and has abundant space to indulge, work, play and enjoy life.

    The dual-bow nature of Symmetry means that there is no single aft or forward interior or exterior relaxation area. Each of the six decks has its role. For example, the Beach Deck features a welcoming lounge that becomes a seawater pool when hatches to the side open. It can double as a float-in tender bay. On the Guest Deck, a glass-bottomed pool sits amidships with four VIP suites flowing outward from this area. Each VIP suite has a balcony and lounge area. Symmetry has 12 additional staterooms for guests. The owner’s deck is devoted to a huge stateroom, complemented by an office, spa, library, indoor lounge and an al fresco lounge that includes an infinity water feature. All guests can use the spa, lounges, garden, pool and other features on Symmetry’s Hotel Deck. The Lower Deck features a cinema and kids’ playroom. Several decks have large, shaft-like open space overhead that rises straight to the upper deck.

    Because of the dual bows, Symmetry’s wheelhouse features dual steering. An azipod propulsion package enhances maneuverability. Cruise speed is estimated at jut over 19 knows at 85% continuing rating, with maximum speed approximately 20 knots. She will accommodate a crew of 48.

    The 29m beam provides Symmetry with enormous volumes, coming in at about 18,256 gross tones. She will comply with Passenger Yacht Code Regulations.

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