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    New 115m Superyacht Concept in Works at Mulder Design

    superyacht-Mulder design-1New 115m Superyacht Concept in Works at Mulder Design: Dutch studio Mulder Design has unveiled their latest project, a 115m concept that is elegant yet presents a powerful and dynamic profile. A key element that Mulder believes discerning owners would appreciate is a helicopter landing pad on the foredeck, served by a hangar where it can be stored in the deck below. This feature allows long distance crossing without leaving the helicopter ashore.

    The second special feature is the expansive beach lounge location in the stern at water level. When the after bathing platform is opened, this area measure an expensive 18 by 8 meters and is well illuminated by natural light that reaches the lounge from above that comes through a skylight in the bottom of a swimming pool placed on the main deck aft.

    Studio head Frank Mulder, indicated that part of the design process is to focus design efforts on each aspect of the vessel individually and not match a single well-designed area with the rest of the yacht.

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