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    02 11
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    September Yacht Sales Continue Upward Trend

    carver2-yachts-for-saleSeptember Yacht Sales Continue Upward Trend: For the fourth consecutive month in September, brokerage boats sold in the United States experienced increases over the same period in 2014. Sales volume increased 2 percent to 2, 473 boats sold.  Powerboat sales topped the statistics, with 2,004 boats sold with a total price of $228.4 million, a 4% increase in volume. Sales of sailboats, strong in the previous month, dropped in September, declining 6% with 469 boats sold.

    The total price paid for boats sold in September increased 17 % or $38 million to $260.5 million. All length categories saw increases in total value, with the strongest gains occurring in the 56-foot to 79-foot category. The number of boats sold in that segment increased 37% , up from 49 boats to 67, but total price increased even more from $29.5 million to $52.1 million, a whopping 79% increase.

    Only boats in the 36-foot to 45-foot segment recorded a lower volume down 2% to 587 boats sold. This category is an important one for sailboat sales, reflected by a the decline of 10%. Average sale prices increased in most segment with the exception of boats 46-feet to 55-feet. Sales volume increased 4% in this category with 173 boats sold. Total value rose 2% while average sale price decline2%.

    Third quarter sales volume showed a 2% gain in the American market with 8,763 boats sold, with a 6% increase in value as $871.6 million changed hands.

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