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    Yacht Sales In Third Quarter; European Volume Remains Level

    fairline-yachts-for-saleYacht Sales In Third Quarter, European Volume Remains Level: Yacht sales of boats in Europe in the third quarter of 2015 were level with sales during the same period in 2014, but sold for an aggregate value that was 21 percent higher than the previous year. These figures represent a shift from the first two quarters of 2015 when volumes were higher, but prices were weaker.

    Unlike the American market, motorboat sales declined while sales of sailboats increased. Year to date, 6,115 boats exchanged hand, an increase of 8percent from 2014. Because of higher sales value in the third quarter, total value for the year moved 2 percent ahead of 2014 to € 1,344,502,800. Average sale price declined 5 percent from 2014 to € 219,870.

    Sailboat sales increased to 843 in the quarter, up 8 percent, while powerboat sales came in at 1,209 units exchanging owners, a decline of 6 percent. However total value of each category increase, with sailboat values increasing 9 percent on total sales of 82.3 million and powerboat sales gaining 23 percent on sales of € 441.3 million. Superyacht sales spurred powerboats with an € 85 million increase.

    Through the first three quarters of 2015, powerboat sales volume increase 5 percent with 3,451 boats sold, while sallboat volume increased 12 percent to 2,664 sales. Total value for powerboats increased 2 percent and 4 percent for sailboats, but average final prices decreased 3 percent and 7 percent respectively.

    Year to date globally, 30,450 boats exchanged hands with a total value of $4,42 billion, up from figures of 30,211 and $4.31, respectively, in 2014.

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