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    01 12
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    Yacht Sales Dip 4 Percent in October

    meridian-yachts-for-saleYacht Sales Dip 4 Percent in October: Despite four months of sales levels above 2014, brokers reported an unexpected slowdown in October, with 2,219 boats sold, a decline of 97 units or 4 percent. That figure, however, remained slightly ahead of sales for the last five years, indicating that October 2014 had better than normal sales.

    Total values of $264.7 million were down 17 percent from the previous year’s $319.6 million. The biggest difference came in boat sales above 46 feet, dropping from 260 to 228 boats sold, with a total price dropping $60 million or 33 percent.

    Volumes also declined slightly among smaller boat, but total and average prices increased. The 26- to 35-foot and 36- to 45-foot categories suffered 4 percent sales declines, but 8 percent gains in average prices. Boats under 26 feet declined a mere 1 percent to 550 units, but with average prices 6 percent higher than in 2014.

    For the month, powerboat sales were down 5 percent with 1,760 boats sold, with value decreasing $78 million due to lower big boat sales. Powerboats sold more quickly, however, with average days to sale dropping 4 percent from 251 to 240 days.

    Sailboat sales were down only 2 percent, with 459 units sold at a total price that increased by $3.5 million or 10percent.  Increased values occurred among boats over 46 feet, the same segment that experienced a slower month among power boats.

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