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    05 01
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    Megayacht Builder Oceanco Reveals New Building and Dry Dock

    oceanco-megayacht-building-facility-newMegayacht Builder Oceanco Reveals New Building and Dry Dock: The impressive new superyacht building and dry dock facility built by Oceanco in Alblasserdam near Rotterdam provides the Dutch shipyard with the ability to construct yachts up to 140 meters in length.  Featuring integrated thermal and cooling system, the new building and dry dock also has dedicated climate control systems to regular temperature and humidity in the interior of yachts under build, as well as in spray tents.

    With the ability to be divided into several compartments using segmented doors, the dry dock as ultimate flexibility. It has a 100-ton capacity crane, configured 2 x 2 x 25 tons with tandem beam assists. Additional cranes outside of the assembly hall can lift major components and sections from barges up to 20 meters in length. Supplementary sectional doors allow barges to float inside the building. Horizontal traveling cranes fixed to walls on either side of a yacht under construction augment access and speed logistics. Additionally, three large elevators can handle loaded drive-in and drive-out forklifts. Scales are placed in fixed locations to monitor weight control.

    A controlled air lock regulated transport in and out of the building. Uniform temperature may be maintained throughout the hall or certain areas with the yacht can be isolated to keep humidity and temperature at appropriate levels. The spray tent has consistent temperatures as recommended by manufacturers for special paint requirements. Airflow velocity and air-volume refreshment rate along with temperature and proper humidity aids in creating a first class gloss finish. All climate systems, temperature, humidity and airflow may be operated individually.

    A centralized vacuum system keeps the area dust free with compressed systems for water, gas and oxygen and an isolated paint fumes extraction system further enhance this area for painting and similar tasks. All systems are extremely efficient and environmentally conscious with deep soil thermal heat and cooling exchange and river water for additional cooling.

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