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    20 01
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    Yacht Sales Volume In 2015 Surpassed 2014, $3.7 Billion!

    broward-mega-yacht-for-saleYacht Sales Volume In 2015 Surpassed 2014, $3.7 Billion!: Bigger boats had a generally weaker month in December 2014 with sales of the 56-foot to 79-foot market down by two boats at 59 sold. Total price decreased to $44.6 million from $53.6 million. Superyacht sales decreased from 16 to 11 boats with total value decreasing from $77 million to $62.9 million.

    The 46-foot to 55-foot segment increase incrementally in sales with numbers of the 46-foot to 55-foot range very strong, increasing $7.6 million to $40.8 million, even with a small volume increase of only two boats to 128 units. Volume increased 3% among boats 26 to 35 feet at 602 boats sold, with total value up from $36.2 million to $38.3 million. If not for weak sales of boats 26 feet and under, December sales volume would have surpassed figures from December 2014.

    For the entire year 2015, 30,077 boats sold commanded a collective price of $3.7 billion, up 2% from 2014 when 30,268 boats sold for a total of $3.62 billion. Average price increased from $119,627 to $123,066. Powerboat sales were virtually even with 2014 at 24,710 boats sold, while sailboat sales decreased 2% to 5,376 boats sold.

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