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    08 02
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    Yacht Sales In 2015 Rise Slightly Over Previous Year

    marquis-yachts-for-saleYacht Sales In 2015 Rise Slightly Over Previous Year: In keeping with market trends of the last year, American yacht brokerage sales remained virtually the same in the last quarter of 2015, similar to levels in 2014. For the year, a total of 30,077 boats were sold, representing 192 boats or 1% fewer than 2014. Aggregate value of sold boats was $3,7 billion, 2% higher than in the previous year.

    Two other positives in 2015 were a 3% gain in average sale price and a five-day reduction in average sale time to 263 days on the market. The volume of 2015 powerboat sales dropped 61 units, with 24,710 boats changing hands. The total price paid for powerboats increased 4% to $3.28 billion and an average sold price of $133,000.

    Sailboat sales slipped 2%, down 131 units to 5,367 sold. The total value of the boats sold was off 10%, with $417.4 million in sales, and an average price of 8% to $78,000.

    These two segments also differed in the amount of time required to complete a sale. Powerboat sales averaged 254 days a full week less than in the previous year. Sailboat sales took three days more at 306 days.

    Most segments of the market were level or showed growth. Likewise, average prices in every segment below 80 feet showed improvement. A 4% drop in boats sold under 26 feet kept total volume below 2014, while an 8% decrease in superyacht sales kept the total market value in check. Excluding those two market extremes, sales volume for the year increased 1% and total price paid was up 11%.

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