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    22 02
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    2015 U.S. Regional Yacht Sales Figures

    sea-ray-boats-for-sale2015 U.S. Regional Yacht Sales Figures: Southeast Powerboat sales once again led the field in the southeastern United States, which also had the most number of boats sold during 2015.

    The total number of boats sold increased to 8,785, with an aggregate value of $1.69 billion. Average pricing dropped to  $192,540, mainly due to a decrease in superyacht sales. The average number of days that boats remained on the market also decreased by 11 days to 233.

    Northeast Sales in the second most active American region decreased by over 200 boats to 4,916 units. Average price also dropped by approximately $2,000 to $78,692. Total value of boats sold was $386.9 million. Average time to sale also decreased to 303 days.

    Great Lakes Volume of boats sold rose 11% in 2015 to 3,684. Average prices for sailboats were level, while prices for powerboats rose by more than $3,000. Total value rose to $260.8 million.

    Gulf Coast The total value of sales in the Gulf Coast region rose $12.5 million to $136.4 million despite a 20-unit decline in sales volume to 1,553. Average boat value increased 12% to $87,859.

    Northwest Sales volume in the Northwest dropped by 17% to 3,090 boats. Average price, however, was $15,000 higher at $108,290, while the number of days to sell dropped to 248. Aggregate price was $334.6 million.

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