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    03 03
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    Yacht Sales In European Market Shows Moderate Gains in 2015

    sunseeker-yachts-for-saleYacht Sales In European Market Shows Moderate Gains in 2015: Brokerage sales of boats in Europe during 2015 were up 6% over the previous year to 7,903, with an aggregate price paid of €1.79 billion, an increase of 12% from 2014’s €1.60 billion.

    During the first half of the year, boats sold at higher volumes but generally lower prices when compared to sales during the first half of 2014. During the second half of 2015, sales volumes leveled, with larger boats selling well. The total price paid rose dramatically. Power boat and sailboat segments rose during the year. Overall, 3,466 sailboats exchanged hands, a 9% increase over 2014, and 4,437 powerboats were sold, a 4% increase.

    Despite volume strength in the sailing sector, pricing dropped with total value declining 1% to €351.4 million. The average sold price decreased 9% to €101,000. Conversely, aggregate price paid for powerboats rose 15% to €1.44 billion, with average sold price increasing 11% to €324,000.

    Larger boats fueled the value increase in powerboats. The 56- to 79-foot segment sold 20% more boats at 504 units at an average price that was 6% higher than in 2014.

    Two other segments that had higher volumes and higher prices were boats 36 to 45 feet, which had an 12% increase in volume and 23% in value. Boats 26 to 35 feet increased 8% in volume and 17% in value. Average price in the smaller range increased 8% to €53,000 and 9% in the larger range to €128,000.

    In the United Kingdom, power and sailing boats experienced decreases in sales volume with 224 fewer boats sold at 3,527. The average price for powerboats increased to £60,162, but decreased for sailboats, dropping to £41,004.

    Spanish sales increase by 6% to 847 units sold, however average prices were lower. The sailboat segment provided all of the growth, while power sales declined slightly. Aggregate value for powerboats was €153.7 million and €53.9 million for sailboats.

    Powerboat sales led a rebound in France with an overall 27% growth in sales volume to 877 boats sold. Growth in this segment was 46%, but prices were also sharply lower, decreasing to €335 million with a corresponding sharp average decline in prices to €651,825, down from 2014’s figure of €1,019,205. Overall sales decreased €20 million to €389.1 million.

    The Netherlands experienced a36% increase in sales volume in 2016. Values fell substantially for all boats under 80 feet, but increased 40% overall from £70.4 million to £98.8 million.

    In Italy, sales volume increased by 12% to 575 boats sold. Total value rose significantly to €573.9 million, up from €350.6 million in in 2014.

    German boat sales decreased slightly in 2015 due to lower powerboat volume. Sailboat volume grew by 9% and both segments experienced a higher average value per boat, with powerboats increasing to €132,256 and sailboats at €111,244.

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