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    08 03
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    30m Megayacht, Gemma Series is Environmentally Conscious

    megayacht-inerjy30m Megayacht, Gemma Series is Environmentally Conscious: American wind turbine manufacturer Inery recently revealed the latest in its field of environmentally conscious vessels, a superyacht series that will utilize wind energy. Called the Gemma Series, the flagship will be the Gemma One, measuring 30.48 meters.

    Inergy describes Gemma One as a new generation clean vessel that is practical, safe, conservatively styled, full of amenities and highly automated, powered by 100% renewable energy that also offers nearly unlimited remote operation. The onboard wind turbine is able to power and store energy from winds on the water, thereby providing battery storage. Even when the vessel is stationary, it produces and stores power and drastically simplifies operation and maintenance.

    Jamie Schlinkmann, Inergy president, noted that even though some owners won’t go for such a radically different superyacht platform, those who prefer cruisers and trawlers will welcome no IC engines. He added that this technology marks the first of many progressive steps that will lead toward a cleaner, greener industry that include plumb bows, multi-hulls, solar panels, passive stability and hybrid propulsion. Inergy’s goal was to achieve conventional styling along with a state-of-the-art wind turbine, efficient multi-hull and absence of diesels, along with usable deck space, a big garage and a manageable in-marina beam.

    Even with a bevy of state-of-the-art technology to address the ever-increasing significance of environmental issues, high cost will not be a problem. Schlinkmann said his company’s budget is within range of a conventionally equipped vessel. The batteries, however add more than $1 million to the cost, but that is not expected to be a significant factor on a vessel of this size.

    With the project still awaiting formal introduction to the industry, the Gemma Series has already attracted interest, particularly from European clients, indicating that Inergy may indeed be heading in the right direction for a superyacht industry that is increasingly environmentally conscious.

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