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    09 03
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    Mega Yacht Builder Feadship Launches 34m Yacht with Interesting Twist

    mega-yacht-feadship-reveals-the-twist-behind-new-custom-yachtMega Yacht Builder Feadship Launches 34m Yacht with Interesting Twist: Dutch mega yacht builder Feadship has launched Hull 692, the first of three unique Feadship vessels that will operate as commercial yachts (LY3) with unrestricted ocean-going capabilities and an array of features for which the shipbuilder is noted.

    This “off-the-wall” project that has tested the abilities of the builder originated three years ago when the owner of a pure custom Feadship asked the shipyard to build a smaller yacht to Feadship standards. The yacht needed to have a length and draught that would allow access to markets where mooring facilities are restricted while also having cruising capabilities in shallower waters. CEO Henk de Vries indicated that because his company does not like to say no to clients, Feadship decided to explore the practicality of designing and constructing a 34m cruiser to Feadship quality within the boundaries of this size.

    De Vries noted that research indicated that building a custom yacht of this size was possible, it would only be economical for the client if three of the same design template were built. Feadship agreed to the client’s proposal as long as he could introduce two additional clients who would like to order one of these unique yachts, while retaining flexibility in terms of the interiors.

    The yachts have the largest window surface expressed as a percentage of the profile every seen on a Feadship. In addition, the lounge and dining areas also feel expansive due to 2.45m high ceilings, uncommon on yachts even twice their size.

    Featuring an interior from Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Hull 692 has the owner’s stateroom on the main deck, guest suites for eight people in a double and twin configuration that can be converted to a single VIP stateroom when desired and two twin cabins on the lower deck.

    The remaining two compact Feadships will be launched next year. Each will have the ability to cruise three different continents to explore seas, fjords and bays at a speed of 19 knots.

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