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    28 03
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    Palumbo Group Interested in Acquiring Mega Yacht Builder ISA Shipyards

    mega-yacht-ISA-shipyard-640x360Palumbo Group Interested in Acquiring Mega Yacht Builder ISA Shipyards: Palumbo Group has made an official bid to purchase the ISA Group Shipyards in Ancon, Italy. As part of their bid, Palumbo has indicated it intends to use the shipyard as a dedicated facility for new builds and major refits. If successful, Palumbo notes it will continue to use the same local sub contractors that have worked with Palumbo in the past.

    Guiseppe Palumbo, CEO of the Group, noted that his company wants to focus on the production of new yacht builds at the Ancona Shipyard, both with the historic Columbus Yachts brand and with the ISA brand. He added that Palumbo would like to start production immediately with the Columbus 40SH and once the yard is fully acquired, continue with the ISA650 model.

    Two other Italian companies, the Fritelli Group and Wider Yachts, have also expressed interest in acquiring the ISA shipyard.

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