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    06 04
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    Plans for Expedition Mega Yacht Include a Seaplane

    Plans for Expedition Yacht Include a Seaplane: It’s no secret that many superyacht owners are seeking adventure on the oceans. The latest concept from Bill Prince Yacht Design fills that bill with a 40m expedition yacht that totes an Icon A5 seaplane.

    Unlike the somewhat traditional helipads found on many superyachts, the A5 seaplane was chosen by Prince for its versatility and mobility over helicopters. This plane is light enough to trailer, much like a small boat. It’s also lighter than the 23-foot tender that this yacht can keep alongside on its after deck. The A5’s wings also fold, making it simpler to stow.

    Articulating bulwarks help deploy the plan or the vessel’s tender. Additional fold-down bulwarks transport the cockpit below into a boarding-area-turned-beach-club.

    Coincidental requests from separate clients inspired Prince to create the design. Each sought a yacht that was similar to a small ship that was rugged, self-reliable and owner-operable. Prince made those same principles apply to a bigger project, even though the 40m expedition yacht would require a small crew. Prince is still calculating performance predictions, although he anticipates a semi-displacement hull will best suit the design.

    Prince’s design also includes features not normally seen on yachts of this size., including a cascading water feature that spills from the infinity pool on the uppermost deck to the one directly beneath it. The water feature can act as a privacy feature when moored. In addition, images can be projected onto it from the tip of the flagstaff. Tables on the deck contain solar cells and USB port for charging mobile devices. The galley is one two decks, with food prep and stowage below decks and staging above decks so that the chef can walk straight from his or her cabin into the work zone.  The staging area can be arranged like a bar or café for guests’ enjoyment.

    The arrangement of the yacht’s saloon is one of her most unusual features. One of her most unusual features, the arrangement of her walls set at angles to allow better sightlines from all seats. Everyone in the vessel will be able to see wider perspectives of vistas from all different angles.

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