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    American Yacht Brokerage Sales Increase a Hefty 10% in March 2016

    horizon-yachts-for-saleAmerican Yacht Brokerage Sales Increase a Hefty 10% in March 2016: Following two weak months to start 2016, boat sales by American brokerages increased by 10% as 2,443 units were sold, up from 2,215 during the same period last year.

    Significant gains occurred in sales of boats under 45 feet. Sales volume for larger yachts were relatively even, but boats were less expensively than those sold in 2015, resulting in lower sales value throughout the market. Overall sales totaled $283.6 million, $37.5 million less than during the same month last year.

    A notable characteristic of last month’s sales was that more boats under 26 feet were sold than in the next largest category of bots 26 to 35 feet. Sales increase 13 percent for boats under 26 feet with 874 sold.  In the 26- to 35-foot category, sales increased 8% to 850. The average sale price in both categories also increased. Among smaller boats, value rose from $19,000 to $23,4000, while climbing from $46,500 to $53,900 for larger boats.

    Sales of boats in the 36- to 45-foo category also rose significantly from 449 to 512. Average sale price increased 3% to $137,900 from $133,500. Sales dipped by one boat in the 46- to 55-foot range, as 127 changed hands. Total sale price increased by more than $2.1 million to $38.8 million. Average sale price rose 7% to $305,400.

    On the other hand sales of 62 boats between 56 and 79 feet had an aggregate sale price that was 20% less than the 61 that sold a year earlier. Average value decreased to $625,200, down from $792,900. In the 80-foot-and-up category, the 18 boats sold brought their owners an average price of $3.2 million, less than half the average $6.5 million average price that boats in this category commanded in 2015.

    Sales volume increase 2% in the United States in the first quarter at 5,564 boats sold. Aggregate value was $703.6 million, a 6% decrease from  $749.6 million a year earlier. $749.6 million a year earlier.

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