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    21 04
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    Porto Montenegro Adds New 250m Superyacht Berth

    Porto-Montenegro-1Porto Montenegro Adds New 250m Superyacht Berth: Adriatric marina Porto Montenegro continues to cement its reputation as the region’s latest superyacht destination with the addition of a new 250m superyacht berth. The berth surpasses the size of the world’s current largest superyacht, Azzam, which measures 180m from prow to transom.

    With several 200m-plus concepts released over the past few years, however, Porto Montenegro is anticipating future demand for mooring such large vessels. Some of the world’s largest yachts, including the Golden Odyssey, The Maltese Falcon and Symphony already frequent the area.

    The new mooring dwarfs berths at other Mediterranean marines, such as the 190m berth at One Ocean Port Vell in Barcelona and the 135m berth at Grand Harbour Marina in Malta. Porto Montenegro has 450 berths in its state-of-the-art facilities that also include luxury apartments, 55 ground floor retail spaces and a five-star Regent Hotel as part of its shoreside development.

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