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    Amels Launches 55m Limited Edition Superyacht

    superyacht-amelsAmels Launches 55m Limited Edition Superyacht: In mid March, Dutch superyacht builder Amels launched its new 55m Limited Edition superyacht, currently known as Amels 469, in Vlissingen. She will continue with sea trials and outfitting prior to delivery later this year.

    Although the yacht followed Amels’ Limited Edition styling, the ower worked closely with designer Tim Heywood to create several subtle yet remarkable design features that include stainless steel highlights ad black accents on board. The result is a superyacht that is readily recognized as an Amels vessel, but also has a number of the owner’s personalized design elements.

    Two additional 55m Limited Edition projects are under construction, giving Amels a high rate of success in the semi-custom superyacht market. When it was first introduced, Amels explained that the Limited Edition range harmonizes custom and semi-custom construction, enabling the shipyard to produce superyachts more quickly, but with Amels’ high quality.

    The 469 was launched using the quick and low risk RoFlo method perfected by Amels over the past decade, whereby the yacht is transported for its covered building bay onto a floating pontoon and then to a floating submersible drydock.

    Amels currently has 10 projects under construction at the yard, the largest being the 83m Amels 8300, scheduled for delivery in 2016. The four projects scheduled for completion this year have a cumulative LOA of 272 meters, the highest figure over the last five years.

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