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    31 05
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    Impossible Productions Reveals 100m Explorer Superyacht Concept

    superyacht-impossible-productions-100m-yacht-02Impossible Productions Reveals 100m Explorer Super Yacht Concept: New York-based design studio Impossible Productions has announced a 100m explorer yacht concept produced in conjunction with Tim Dempers Studio of Cape Town, South Africa. Designed specifically for an owner with global exploration in mind, development lasted more than 12 months. Owners will be able to adapt the vessel to individual needs, if desired.

    The multifunction platform provides a cargo deck with two accommodation areas on either side that may be reconfigured as needed. The cargo deck is designed to house a range of necessities including a seaplane, cars, motorcycles, a sailing yacht or shipping containers, depending on the area of operation and intended usage by the owner. Tenders and helicopter are stowed in sealed climate-controlled environments to protect them from the elements.

    Interior accommodation areas offer 360-degree views ,making these ideal sightseeing spots while cruising through fjords or past icy landscapes. The forward pod is dedication to navigation and expedition planning, while the aft pod is dedicated to the owner’s use.

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