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    09 06
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    First Quarter 2016 U.S. Yacht Sales Increase

    150richmondstatusquoFirst Quarter 2016 U.S. Yacht Sales Increase: Strong sales in March gave American yacht brokers a boost of 122 sales in the first quarter of 2016, to a total of 5,564 boats sold. Despite the unit increase, the total price paid for boats was lower at $703.6 million, down from $749.6 million over the same period in 2015.

    Most segments in the smaller boat market made gains in volume as well as total price paid. Larger yachts generally saw volume gains as well, but total price paid was lower, particularly for boats over 80 feet.

    Powerboat sales had 81.5 percent of the market in the first quarter, with this category’s results closely matching the overall market in unit sales and pricing. The two percent volume increase came from gains in categories under 26 feet, 36 feet to 45 feet and above 56 feet. The $37 million value declined resulted from a combined decrease of more than 460 million in boats sold over 45 feet, but was partially offset by a $20 million increase in aggregate price for boats below 45 feet.

    Sales of sailboats increase one percent over the same quarter last year to 1,025 boats. However, total value decreased 11 percent to $73.7 million from $82.7 million. Sailboats between 26 and 45 feet experienced high sales and higher average prices, while boats under 26 feet had higher volume but lower average prices.

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