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    21 07
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    Superyachts Rejoice! Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort and Marina Opens in Greece

    superyacht-Marina-Miraggio-Greece-640x360Superyachts Rejoice! Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort and Marina Opens in Greece: The country of  Greece opened its five-star Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort in Halkidiki to  superyachts cruising the Mediterranean in search of high-class accommodations. With the ability to accommodate motor yachts up to 40 meters, the marina offers a welcome shelter along the Grecian coast.

    Beginning with its concept, the marina was designed to excel in water circulation to prevent bacterial build-up on yacht hulls, with every aspect designed for minimal environmental impact. Experts from Aristotle University conducted wind and current studies to this end. Two bridge-like jetties mitigate swell and swing of yachts moored in the marine and also self-clean with sea flow.

    The marina construction is one of the most technologically advanced in Greece due to its overall architecture, positioning and modern engineering methods. Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort provides both essential and state-of-the art facilities, including 24-hour security, electricity and water service pedestals, Wi-Fi, a pump-out station, petrol and diesel gas and an on-site café and restaurant. The resort also offers a heliport and tailor-made activities, trips and excursions, making it an ideal destination for chartered superyachts.

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