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    12 09
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    Mariotti Delivers The 155 Meter Superyacht Fulk Al Salamah

    superyacht Fulk-Al-Salamah-super-yacht-support-vessel-mariotti-164-metres-640x360Mariotti Delivers The 155 Meter Superyacht Fulk Al Salamah: Italian shipyard Mariotti recently deliver the Omani royal yacht Fulk Al Salamah, with the vessel departing from Genoa to Muscat on her maiden voyage. She will join the 155m Lürrsen superyacht Al Said in the Omani capital as part of the country’s royal fleet. Originally named Project Saffron when unveiled in 2014, the yacht’s estimated length is 159 meters.

    Fulk Al Salamah will reportedly replace a 136-meter support vessel bearing the same name. The new vessel share several exterior design cues with the 155m Al Said, including her commercial grade finish, aft-swept masts and large awnings on the two forward upper decks.

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