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    Megayacht Builder Feadship and Sinot Yacht Design Collaborate on New Concept

    megayacht-feadship-2016-09-Zen-03Megayacht Builder Feadship and Sinot Yacht Design Collaborate on New Concept: Sinot Yacht Design’s new generation of superyachts breaks away from convention designs that have what Sinot calls a “wedding cake appearance.” The new design, developed in conjunction with the Dutch builder Feadship, claims to have reduced volume without sacrificing any of the yacht’s usable space. This concept could, in effect help spur a trend of more efficient superyacht design.

    Practical and efficient design that doesn’t compromise aesthetics appears to be a trend. Another trend encompasses effective propulsion systems and alternatives to traditional power. Efficient use of space on board helps lower gross tonnage and makes the yacht eve more practical without making its volume noticeably smaller.

    The long-standing partnership between Feadship and Sinot has previously produced eight projects. The two companies have now collaborated to produce what they feel is a next-generation concept that focuses on technical aspect and naval architecture, resulting in the 80m Zen. Estimated gross tonnage for Zen is 1980, so how has Sinot recued volume without sacrificing space?

    Zen’s profile is decidedly unconventional as Sinot had decided to break away from the traditional superyacht “wedding cake appearance.” Sinot has concentrated on designing two decks of owner’s space while also providing interior space over the entirety of the bridge and main decks. The aft section also features a 13m lounge, complete with retractable glass sides and expandable balconies. Exterior deck space measures 500 sqm along with another 100 sqm when the aft lounge deck is deployed.

    Because of Zen’s different profile, she doesn’t have a drastic sacrifice of interior space. Ceiling height is one of her more noticeable advantages, which makes a decided difference in the interior, making it bright and spacious, fitting well with the zen-inspired styling. The yacht’s contemporary feel harmonizes with her exterior priofile and interior design that exhibits a combination of light and dark materials.

    Sinot indicates that Zen could be built immediately. The contract could possibly be offered in the most cost effective way, in conjunction with Feadship.

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