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    Megayacht Builders Unite! Lürssen to Acquire Blohm+Voss

    Megayacht Builders Unite! Lürssen to Acquire Blohm+Voss: German shipbuilder Lürssen has announced that it will acquire the Blohm+Voss shipyard, subject to approval from the German Fair Trade Commission. Peter Lürssen, managing partner at Lürssen Maritime Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG, indicated the acquisition will allow his company to take over a shipyard with a strategically advantageous location and versatile production facilities.

    Lürssen believes the acquisition will complement the company’s existing refit and repair activities while also offering a better level of service. The shipbuilder also intends to use the Hamburg shipyard and its employees for construction of complex naval ships. Future yacht construction in Hamburg will depend on the overall market situation.

    Blohm+Voss CEO Fred van Beers noted that his yard has gained a long-term owner interested in jointly developing the company. Both companies have a history of working together on projects like the new German Navy Frigate Type F125. The previous collaborations between the two firms will smooth the integration of their respective design and engineering teams.

    Meinhard Geiken of IG Metall Küste shipyard workers’ union indicated that the takeover was surprising, although a promising development for Blohm+Voss. Peter Lürssen indicated that his company would take necessary steps to adopt the capabilities of the shipyard into the Lürssen operation and secure the balance between the shipyards. Industry observers believe the Hamburg yard will retain the Blohm+Voss name, but that move has not yet been confirmed.

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