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    Couach Yachts Re-Enters Market with New Espen Øino-Designed Megayacht Range

    megayacht-couachCouach Yachts Re-Enters Market with New Espen Øino-Designed Megayacht Range: Walter Ceglia, the new CEO of Couach Yachts , and designer Espen Øino, have unveiled a new semi-custom range that is based on the heritage of the French shipyard.

    The new megayacht rage is based around the heritage and tradition of the company, which was responsible for creating the world’s first marine engine in 1897. Its fundamental aim is to rediscover the company’s brand identity, with the entire construction operation handled in-house, including building its own hulls, steel fittings and interiors, which are usually outsourced by other shipbuilders.

    Øino has incorporated simplistic design cues throughout the entire range, which consists of five lines and a total of 20 new models., with the smallest range starting at 26 meters. The simplicity of each profile, however, does not deter from their individual characters, but makes them more powerful and purposeful.

    Øino’s design analysis noted that most people don’t spend much time inside on larger yachts. Particularly in the Mediterranean, people only use their yachts when the weather is good, resulting in interior spaces that are heavily underused. The result was creation of large glazed surfaces in areas like the saloon, which can be opened up.

    Couach currently has two yachts under construction: the 4400 Fast Fly and the 2305 Fly, both of which are plaining hulled yachts. The next few years are expected to be extremely significant for the French shipyard, following heavy investment in its operation, as it grows and develops its position in the superyacht market.

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