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    Baglietto’s New V-Line Has Three Megayacht Designers

    megayacht-baglietto-2016-11-V-LineBaglietto’s New V-Line Has Three Megayacht Designers: Baglietto new range of megayachts entitled V-Line, unveiled earlier in 2016, uses three designers in an effort to diversify across the megayacht market and strengthen the brand in a larger market area. The line is based on interpretation of specific requirements and wishes of owners found in numerous client studies.

    The new line has superyachts with an LOA ranging from 40 meters to 55 meters. Three leading Italian designers will work on individual yachts within the range: Francesco Paszkowski Design, Hot Lab and Santa Maria Magnolfi Design. Each of he design houses has kept closely to the brief, characterizing the yachts with contemporary lines and vertical bows that will keep them related aesthetically as a single range. All three designers received the brief to create an identity for each yacht, while also drawing inspiration from the shipyard’s history.

    The new, broader product range will allow Baglietto to approach the American market to enhance its global brand. Michele Gavino, Baglietto managing director, indicated that the company has sped up its ability to develop and launch new products while preserving its traditions. By using its reference designer, Francesco Paszkowski, along with new, younger designers, the shipyard will cast a fresh, new look on the brand and reinterpret its personality without losing sight of its history and identity.

    The first model in the V-Line is a 41m yacht designed by Santa Maria Magnolfi Design. The yacht’s exterior has large common areas totaling more than 300 square meters, divided over three decks. The dining area is the yacht’s so-called center of gravity and acts as bridge between the main deck salon and exterior areas.  Santa Maria Magnolfi Design is responsible fro three of the current V-Line yachts.

    Francesco Paszkowski has created a slender and rakish profile with contemporary lines for one of the 44 meter yachts, drawing upon the exterior of a number of previous projects for inspiration and adding a contemporary twist to liven up the style.

    Hot Lab has created  a dynamic design for the other 44 meter yacht, featuring a distinctive high vertical bow emphasized by the slightly forward tilting windscreen located just behind the bow.

    Baglietto’s in-house engineering department has carried out naval spec on all three projects.

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