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    17 01
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    Megayacht La Ciotat Dry Dock Agreement Jeopardized

    megayacht-la-franceMegayacht La Ciotat Dry Dock Agreement Jeopardized: Lürssen’s purchase of Blohm + Voss leaves the lease contract for use of the megayacht dry dock in La Ciotat in jeopardy, according to a report by the French news portal Le Marin. Blohm + Voss signed a contract signed a contract last October, just days before Lürssen’s acquisition, that called for the exclusive use of the LaCiotat’s 200x60m dry dock for refitting and mai Société Economie Mixte Développement Economique et Portuaire), the public-owned commercial company that is the sole developer of the docklands.

    SEMIDEP CEO Jean-Yves Saussol, however, has denied the Le Marin report, saying he was unaware of any such developments.  At the same time, Saussol admitted that Lürssen has been in talks with local and port authorities. He added that  Lürssen’s shareholders have asked questions about the contract, but that nothing has been decided.

    Lürssen’s acquisition of Blohm + Voss was prompted by its desire to boost its military shipbuilding capacity in hopes to secure a major government contract to construct a series of multi-role combat ships. In this context, it’s not surprising if Lürssen decided to review a contract for which is would have no use.

    Local French refitters, Monaco Marine and Compositeworks, who were ousted by Blohm + Voss for access to the dry dock, are biding their time and are waiting for further news before making any kind of announcement.

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