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    03 03
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    George Lucian Designs Futuristic Megayacht Airship

    megayacht Airship feat insetGeorge Lucian Designs Futuristic Megayacht Airship: The 140m steel-hulled megayacht mothership designed by George Lucian Art includes a very special tender, namely a 100m helium-filled airship named Flying Diamond. Lucian says the idea for the project came from his passion for yachting and a fascination of the airships of the early 20h century that transported passengers across the ocean in an elegant and stylish manner with upscale amenities.

    The megayacht part of the concept features striking angular lines along with plenty of flush deck space to host other tenders. There is even room for a helicopter aft, a vehicle that almost seems conventional given the design.

    When not in use, the airship will be tethered for and aft. It will also have its own living quarters with a salon and one or two suites, along with crew quarters. Approximately 12 guests will have their own accommodations on the yacht, as well as 40 crew members. A facility for storing and producing helium for the airship will also be located on board the yacht.

    Lucian, who is based in Monaco, noted that the superyacht airship concept targets a visionary owner who enjoys sailing and flying, exploring from the air and entertaining guests with dinner and cocktails in the sky.

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