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    200 Meter Superyacht, Double Century, Launched

    double-century-main-4yachtIt takes vision to design an outstanding superyacht, but it also takes vision to turn that design into reality. That is why 4Yacht has joined forces with renowned international designer Christopher Seymour to exclusively offer Double Century, a 200m superyacht that could become the largest private yacht built to date.

    “4Yacht is honored that Christopher Seymour has chosen us to exclusively market and help bring Double Century to build,” said Craig Timm, of 4Yacht Inc. http://www.4yacht.com based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. “Christopher is known for his innovative designs over many different size categories. Double Century brings his exceptional skills to the superyacht market and is sure to push the envelope into the next tier of sophisticated luxury.”

    Seymour is also excited about working with 4Yacht, noting, “Double Century was created to be the next step in the evolution of gigayachts. I want the concept to be something magnificent, respected and admired for what the vessel is, not because of who owns, built or designed her, but for her own merits.”

    double-century-2-4yachtDouble Century features sculpted windows with a stunning sheer line and a graceful superstructure that gives her a strong presence. Covering an amazing nine decks and rising 27 meters above the sea, she is twice as long as a typical football field and just as wide. These dimensions would make Double Century 20 meters longer than the current world record holder, the 180m Azzam, built by Lürssen in 2013 and reportedly owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi.

    “What Double Century needs is someone with vision, someone who wants to give life to an exceptional vessel, make it their own and put a distinctive stamp on the luxury yachting industry,” Craig Timm said.

    Per Seymour’s design, Double Century already has an outstanding unique feature, with not one, but two helipads, that will allow owners and guests to access the vessel at the same time no matter where she is. There’s even a boarding lounge where owners or guests can gather while waiting for their flight to depart. Additionally, Double Century has a large hangar bay that provides storage for a whirlybird as large as an EC135.

    Access is another prime consideration because of the vessel’s immense size. To that end, Seymour has strategically placed eight elevators throughout Double Century in key locations so that guests can easily travel to all areas.

    double-century-3-4yachtDouble Century’s overall look will also set her apart from other superyachts Seymour feels that most superyachts longer than 140 meters begin to resemble cruise ships rather than private bespoke vessels because they start to lose their sheer and take on too many decks.

    “I wanted to bring some of these features back into Double Century,” Seymour said. “Thus, she has sheer, stem, chines, larges deck spaces and outstanding interior spaces like a theater/stage and large staircases in addition to the elevators. I would love to see one of he world’s best interior designers create an unforgettable interior that will really make her special.”

    Logistically, the vessel’s layout was also challenging, with the forward section carrying a majority of her toys, such as cars and submarines in addition to helicopters, while luxury features such as pools, spas, sun beds, lounges and the like are found aft.

    As one might expect of a superyacht of this size, Double Century will have the ability to host over 50 guests in luxurious cabins. The main owner suite and VIP cabins are located forward on Deck 7. All offer opulent living areas, with open room layouts allowing 270 degree views, and his and hers bathrooms and wardrobes. Aft of the owner’s suite are guest cabins for family. A small cinema, study and office are also in this area, along with an open space offering lounge and entertainment areas complete with open bars, dining and a piano. On deck are a gorgeous outdoor lounge, small bar and sunbeds.

    double-century-4-4yachtAdditional guest accommodations are on Deck 6, including a second owner or VIP suite at the front of the superstructure that will allow multiple owners to utilize the vessel simultaneously.  Other large and small VIP cabins are also located on this deck, along with the main owner dining area with large dining table and bar on either side, large lounge with piano, three open bars and an entertainment area. Outside on the large foredeck is access to the primary and secondary helipads, while aft are located several lounges, sunbeds, al fresco dining, two large Jacuzzis and an open bar. The vessel can accommodate approximately 100 crew members over multiple cabins.

    Double Century’s trump card is her theater/stage on Deck 4 that can seat up to 126 guests to allow for stylish entertainment even when anchored in remote areas. Nearby bar areas provide entertainment for guests before and after the show. The ship also has a disco on the deck below, and includes a large dance floor, bar and turntable area.

    Other notable features are multiple large swimming pools with quarter moon lounges, several beauty and massage areas, open gym with saunas, a library with a garden, New York-style and Monte Carlo-style cafes, a cinema, a huge beach club and a complete set of water toys, including tenders, jet skis and diving gear. Due to Double Century’s size, she will have her own GPS phone app so all guests and crew will know their deck location when they log on.

    As the vessel is still under development, options remain open for power plants. Current plans call for Double Century to be powered by a single gas turbine generator producing 19,000kW coupled with twin diesel 16V32/40 generators producing 7,500 kW per side. These will be coupled with two pod units, making the vessel very efficient. Such a power plant set-up means fewer restrictions with layout and better placement of engineering for increased sea keeping. The vessel will have a maximum speed of 20-plus knots and a cruise speed of 15 knots with a huge 9,000nm range. A large tank system that pumps water around Double Century along with six Quantum Maglift ML600 stabilizers will ensure that the yacht will be comfortable in all conditions.

    Even though Double Century comes in at 200m, she can be scaled down to 185m without losing decks or scaled up to a colossal 225m. Craig noted that the negotiating point for the groundbreaking superyacht starts at €699 million. Potential owners can expect her to be in build for about four years.

    Are you the individual who has the vision and potential to make Double Century a reality? Give us a call today at 954-767-0220.

    4Yacht is a Professional Yacht Broker Located In Fort Lauderdale Florida and specializes in Yachts, Mega Yachts, And Super Yachts. Visit our website today to discover YOUR next yacht http://www.4yacht.com


    Triple Deuce, World’s First and Largest Billion Dollar Yacht at 222 Meters (728.4’)

    October 1, 2014

    Introducing Triple Deuce, World’s First and Largest Billion Dollar Yacht at 222 Meters (728.4’)

    By Arlene Miles

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Move over Azzam, at 180m (590’), you’re not long enough. Tough luck, Eclipse, at 163.5m (536’), you’re yesterdays news. Goodbye Dubai, at 162m (531’) you’ve had your day in the sun.

    Project “Triple Deuce” is coming, and at 222 meters (728.4’), it’s going to send you, and other yachts in your category, into obscurity as this new build takes its place as the world’s largest yacht.

    billion-dollar-yacht-1Most Expensive, Largest, Private Yacht Ever Built
    “Project Triple Deuce is about to set the world on fire as not only the largest private yacht ever built, coming in at a whopping 222 meters (728.4’), but also the most expensive, at a cost of over $1 billion USD,” said Craig Timm, yacht broker at 4Yacht, Inc., responsible for selling Project Triple Deuce to his client.

    This Yacht Dwarfs Cruise Ships
    To put this massive yacht in perspective for the layman, the sheer size of Triple Deuce even dwarfs some cruise ships. As an example, Costa Cruises has a ship named Costa Classic that is 722’ long and carries 1,308 passengers and 590 crewmembers. But Triple Deuce is a private yacht, and is designed to carry only 36 guests in opulent luxury with a crew complement of 90-100.

    In addition to being the longest private yacht in the world at 222 meters (728.4’), the yacht will have a beam of 24.9 meters (81.69’), and a draft of 4.8 meters (15.78’).

    This yacht will be no slouch in the speed department either, as its top speed will be in excess of 30 knots (35 MPH). To get to that speed, she will be powered by triple gas turbine engines making over 100,000 horsepower. The yacht also has no rudders, as electric podded propulsion units (think The Queen Mary 2) will handle maneuvering.

    main-4yacht-project222-size-comparisonOwner And Guests Live Like Royalty
    The owner’s suite, at 275 square meters (2960 square feet) over two stories, will encompass nearly one full deck of space in the seven-deck yacht, and offer unparalleled views. It will feature two staterooms, and will include private access to a helipad and an elevator from an exclusive drive in dock, as well as all the luxury amenities you would come to expect. The owner’s suite also offers a private gym, office and study, private dining area, butler’s stateroom and more.

    Onboard guests will be similarly pampered in four VIP suites of 90 square meters  (968 square feet) apiece, and 12 guest suites, each at over 60 square meters (645 square feet). All guests will have access to the yacht’s two pools, one indoor, one outdoor, multiple Jacuzzis, spa facilities, full time masseuse, hair stylist and barber, as well as all the water toys the yacht can carry.

    Who Would Buy A Yacht Of This Size?
    “It takes a person of vision, someone with a dream to own the worlds largest yacht and to bring it to reality,” claims Timm. “We work almost exclusively with UHNWI (ultra high net worth individuals) clients and specialize in mega yachts and super yachts. For several years, we have advertised the sale of a 200 meter yacht on our luxury website, http://www.4yacht.com, and have worked with several UHNWI as well as several Middle Eastern clients toward the goal of building a yacht of this size. We had many discussions with our buyer that a yacht of 200 meters was of sufficient length, however with the launching of Azzam recently at 180 Meters, that all changed.

    This Yacht Not To Be “Eclipsed”
    “What our client was concerned about is that if we built the yacht to 200 meters, then someone would come along like Roman Abramovich when he built Eclipse at 163.5 meters, to barely ‘eclipse’ Sheikh Maktoum’s yacht, the 162-meter Dubai, by only 1.5 meters.” said Timm. “By building the yacht to 222 meters, he wants to make it difficult, if not impossible, to be ‘eclipsed’ himself.”

    According to Timm, construction of Project Triple Deuce will begin at a European shipyard, which has still yet to be decided, in the next 6-12 months, with a target delivery date of spring 2018. He goes on to say that the yacht will be built under the 100 A1 Passenger Ship Classification and be fully PYC (Passenger Yacht Code) Compliant.

    What’s All This Luxury Going To Cost The Owner Of This Yacht?
    Current large super yachts run about €3.5 million to €4 million per meter to build at the best European shipyards.

    If we do the quick math, we can see that Project Deuce will cost €777 million to €888 million, or at the current USD exchange rate, $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion.

    “Don’t forget to add in annual operating costs,” Timm said.  “On a yacht of this size, it will run the owner an additional $20-$35 million USD per year”.


    The Race To Build The Biggest And The Best
    Much like the race to build the tallest buildings in the world, such as the Shanghai Tower at 632 meters (2073’), or the Burj Khalifa at 828 meters (2717’), super yachts will continue to expand their size depending on who needs to have the biggest and best yacht.

     How Long Will Project Triple Deuce Hold Its Position As The World’s Largest Yacht?
    “That’s hard to determine, as there is a limit, not in size, but functionality and logistics,” Timm said.  “We haven’t gotten there yet, but if the uber wealthy of the world have their way, Project Triple Deuce will be toppled in the future. How soon? That will be anybody’s guess.”

    About 4Yacht, Inc.
    4Yacht Inc. founded in 2002, and known as the yachting world’s “Dream Makers”, was established to provide yacht buyers the most exceptional yachts imaginable for sale that would fulfill their dreams and goals. Since our founding, we have helped hundreds of satisfied clients fulfill their yachting dreams.

    Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 4Yacht, Inc. has been featured in online and traditional publications and broadcast media such as Forbes and AOL, as well as on Discovery’s Travel Channel, the television show “The World’s Most Expensive Rides,” and other media formats. 4Yacht is a member of the Florida Yacht Brokers Association.

    For more information on Project 222, “Triple Deuce”, 4Yacht Inc. maintains its luxury yachting website at http://www.4yacht.com

    author-arlene-miles-pictureAbout The Author
    Arlene Miles is a veteran journalist of more than 30 years who often writes on lifestyle topics. Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune and other national publications.




    Craig Timm
    4Yacht, Inc.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Video: http://youtu.be/0gC2l8tLSfc



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