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    Sailboats For Sale

    Sailboats For Sale. All the major brands of sailboats. Sloops, Ketch's, Cruisers and more.

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    With the wind in your hair and the spray on your face, there is nothing like the freedom and feeling of adventure that a sailboat gives you upon the water. Manning the helm, the world is your oyster, with blue skies above and even bluer waters below. Nothing beats the feel that you get from one of these well-crafted sailing boats when fitted with the latest technology, including ergonomic cockpits, that gives them superior handling and seaworthiness. When the day’s adventures have come to a close, enjoy life in your sailboat’s luxurious saloon, fitted with fine furnishings and the best cabinetry, stunning galleys where you can prepare gourmet meals and much more.

    Life could not be better.

    No matter what size sailboat you seek, 4Yacht can find it for you at the best prices in the business. From 35' cruising boats to grand mega sailing yachts that require professional crews, our professional yacht brokers can find the sailboat of your dreams quickly and easily. As you browse through the listings on our website, you will find sailboats with many exciting options, one of which is sure to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Our staff will be more than happy to explain options and negotiate discreetly on your behalf and always in your best interests for sailboats from outstanding shipbuilders such as Oyster, Beneteau, Island Packet, Hinckley and a host of other world-renowned manufacturers. Sloop, ketch, or cutter, it makes no difference.

    Find the Sailboat of Your Dreams Today It’s so easy to use our online interface, so why not get started today? Once you’ve chosen the perfect sailboat for your needs, you’ll be ready to enjoy getaways which offer the ideal blend of action and relaxation.  Be sure to plan journeys to the globe’s most exotic and inspiring locales, such as St. Lucia in the gorgeous Caribbean or the beautiful San Juan Islands.

    So get cruising now and find the perfect sailboat offered that fills your needs and desires. Contact 4Yacht today and you can sail into the sunset tomorrow with the sailboat of your dreams.

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    By shopping with us, you’ll be able to check out wonderful sailboat designs from the world’s most impressive boat-making companies. We are proud to provide sailboats which are crafted by builders such as Oyster; Beneteau; Island Packet; Hinckley; and a host of other world-renowned sailboat manufacturers.

    To discover and save on your next sailboat, use our advance search engine and

    Search all the sailboats for sale





    Oyster Sailboats FOR SALE

    Oyster Marine is a British manufacturer of beautiful sailboats. Oyster Marine's distinctive deck-saloon-design sets them apart, making them recognized in the entire sailing world. Oyster sailboats are synonymous with words like seaworthiness, strength, safety and supreme luxury. This deck saloon feature of theirs is seen as the company's trademark and was click to read more...


    Beneteau sailboats FOR SALE

    With one of the Beneteau sailboats for sale we offer you can carry yourself away on a dream and take possession of the sea with a beautiful sailboat by Beneteau. This French manufacturer of sailboats and powerboats manufactures three lines of quality sailing vessels over three lines named Sense, Oceanis and First. Nineteen different models are available, ranging from the click to read more...


    Jeanneau sailboats FOR SALE

    Not only are Jeanneau sailboats beautiful, they also have the dependability that you seek as a sailor thanks to strict manufacturing standards. Along with using only the best materials, each Jenneau sailboat includes touches like secure handholds and large hatches through the vessel, the latter of which can double as emergency routes, in addition to click to read more...


    Island Packet Sailboats FOR SALE

    As a sailor, you know that performance goes beyond how fast your sailboat will travel. Island Packet understands that including interior and exterior amenities that will maximize your enjoyment while cruising or enjoying a leisurely mooring with friends. Enjoy comfortable cabins for sleeping or resting, polished galleys with ranges, microwave ovens, stainless steel sinks and plenty of click to read more...


    To discover and save on your next sailboat, use our advance search engine and

    Search all the sailboats for sale