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    Luxury Yachts For Sale

    Luxury Yachts For Sale. Experience the freedom of owning your own luxury yacht and sail into quiet cays, jump into azure water and find your own slice of heaven.


    When it comes to choosing the ultimate luxury yacht for sale, the only limitation is your own imagination. After all, today’s premier yachtmakers design and manufacture a host of incredible vessels in a dizzying array of styles, shapes and sizes. For this reason, it’s also possible for you to select a yacht thats for sale which includes the perfect features and amenities for your needs, such as swimming platforms, Jacuzzis, sky lounges, and outdoor dining areas, just to name a few…

    Finding the best yacht for you will be easy at 4Yacht.com. Our online resource offers you the most impressive and exquisite luxury yachts for sale, from the most respected yachtmakers, including Azimut Yachts, Ferretti Yachts, Lazzara Yachts, Sunseeker Yachts, Horizon Yachts, and many more yachts, from the best manufacturers, all for sale, all right here at your fingertips at 4Yacht.com.

    To discover and save on your next luxury yacht, use our advance search engine and

    Search over 100,000 luxury yachts for sale


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    With your own yacht at your disposal, you’ll be able to live the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of, whether you wish to explore the wonders of the Greek Islands, with their white-washed homes, coastal caves and sandy beaches, or prefer to cruise through Phuket, Thailand, with its unspoiled waterways, tranquil islands and stunning rock formations (or any other destination which catches your fancy!), you’ll be able to travel in style and comfort.

    In addition to providing you with a wide assortment of listings for many types of yachts, from sailing vessels to sleek motoryachts and beyond, we are also pleased to offer special incentives to you. By utilizing our website today, you’ll be in line for special deals and promotions which will assist you in saving money on your next yacht purchase. Why go anywhere else?

    Owning a luxury yacht means you can do, as little, or as much, as you like. The combination of freedom and accomplishment that you get on your luxury yacht is a powerful, nearly addictive force. A luxury yacht can be anything and everything you want it to be, but above all it is a unique opportunity to dream up the most exceptional holiday imaginable... So get started and chose the perfect yacht for YOU today!

    To discover and save on your next luxury yacht, use our advance search engine and

    Search over 100,000 luxury yachts for sale





    Since 1969, Azimut’s team of highly-skilled designers, engineers, technicians and craftspersons have created truly exceptional yachts which feature the most luxurious appointments, as well as the most pleasing design elements. Currently, this established luxury yacht manufacturer offers five collections of vessels, including the acclaimed Flybridge Collection, which includes yachts from 45 to 100 feet.  The Azimut Yachts we offer for sale come with a dizzying array of impressive features, such as sleek click to read more...



    Ferretti is a yacht making company which was founded in Italy in 1968. The company’s founder, Norberto Ferretti, espoused a corporate philosophy which is still adhered to today. He believed in crafting exceptional luxury yachts which are designed to help owners to enjoy the world’s waterways to the fullest.  Since 2001, Ferretti Yachts has expanded rapidly on a global scale. Today, they are proud to offer a range of beautiful yacht designs, which feature ultra-sleek Italian lines, ultra-modern performance elements and click to read more....



    Lazzara yachts are all about perfection. The word sums up the family owned company's stunning yachts but also as a way of life. Sophisticated, sleek and swift, Lazzarra yachts are nothing short of astonishing. Lazzara yachts can offer you time together as a family and you can safely say that Lazzara yachts are an investment in your well being. Explore Lazzara Yachts and click to read more....



    Sunseeker yachts will provide you with an exhilarating getaway that is guaranteed to breathe new life into you.  Bubbling outdoor champagne brunches and breathing in the sea's freshness can be all yours. To own one of these Sunseeker Yachts for sale is an obsession with many. Owning your own Sunseeker yacht symbolizes your lifestyle, and with names like Manhattan and Predator, these yachts speak of endless pleasures, where they will take you to places where you click to read more....


    To discover and save on your next luxury yacht, use our advance search engine and

    Search over 100,000 luxury yachts for sale